The National Association of Teachers of Singing
Oklahoma Chapter
Anné-Marie Condacse, President

During the summer of 2015, the NATS national organization approved standardized audition rules for the NATS Student Auditions (all chapter and district auditions) as well as the NATS National Student Auditions (all regional and national auditions). These standardized rules have several differences from our previous rules. Highlights of the new rules and regulations:

  • Different numbering for audition categories
  • All repertoire, including oratorio, must be sung from memory
  • Junior and Senior Collegiate levels will now prepare 4 songs instead of 3 songs
  • 5th year collegiate seniors must register for the Senior Collegiate category, even if they won the previous year at the senior collegiate level
  • Graduate women and graduate men will now be in separate categories
  • Graduate singers will prepare only 5 songs instead of 6 songs.
  • We may continue to have an adult division, even though the national auditions do not have one
  • Standardization of the name of the auditions to "NATS Student Auditions: Oklahoma District"
  • Any student may register to sing for comments only and participate in the preliminary audition round
  • Time limits MAY still vary according to our size
  • Pianists cannot use tablets to read the musical score. They must have original scores.
  • New adjudication forms
  • New grading rubrics

The complete audition rules and materials are available for viewing on the the national NATS student audition resource page.

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